Previous Seasons

Week 1 - A big congratulations to Eat Balls And Die, our Week 1 winners!

Week 2 - Eat Balls and Die did it again! sÜpa dÜpa Über were close, but this week Balls of Fury were the ones to beat in the final round. A special shout out to Pretty in Pink Pong, the first all female team to make it through to the final round! 

Week 3 - Balls of Fury smashed the first round and were extremely close to taking the whole thing out. Eat Balls and Die, however, proved too strong, and they took out first place in the final round. A special mention this week to erhmuhgerrd who made it through to the final round for the first time, and had a lot of fun in the process. Also, GO GIANTS!

Week 4 - In Week 3 Balls of Fury came close to beating Eat Balls and Die for the number one spot, and this week they nailed it! A special mention must go to erhmuhgerrd for the second week running, they were scoreless all night until they grabbed five points in the last round of the heats for the night, putting them through to the finals! But the real stars of the night (in my eyes) were Kim Pong-il, their sÜpa dÜpa Über-themed Halloween costumes were amazing :)

Week 5 - What a night! erhmuhgerrd killed it in the first round with a score of 17 points, Pretty in Ping Pong also put up quite a fight in the first round, and 9 out of 10 Dentists Can’t Be Pong had their highest scoring night yet! But at the end of it all, Eat Balls and Die proved too strong, although Balls of Fury were there all night long making sure it wasn’t an easy victory.

Week 6 - A big congratulations to sÜpa dÜpa Über for taking out the final round, it was only a matter of time :)